Buying a Puppy

Be careful who you deal with ! Many people become victims of scammers and bad breeders. Buying a Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder instead from internet pet stores and unscrupulous import brokers gives you the best chance of enjoying your new addition for many years to come and to the fullest. Cheap Bulldogs are no bargain when they grow up costing you thousands in medical bills because of genetic defects.

There are no miniature Bulldogs or rare colors that the AKC would register. So with other words you might be spending a lot of money on a dog that is against “Bulldog breed standard” and considered to be a mixed breed. Sadly we see more and more of these internet puppy stores and brokers that sell lots and lots of puppies at a cheaper price, as these dogs come from puppy millers that live in horrible condition.

A good breeder is competitive in pricing, will spend lots of time and efforts to breed only to the best dogs to improve the quality each time they breed and raises it’s puppies with love and care, as they will always guarantee it’s dogs and give lots of support to their new puppy owners.

Good breeders also find it very important to properly socialize puppies from an early age on as it is regarded as one of the most important periods in a dog’s life. Just like children young puppies absorb impressions like a sponge. Raising our pups with us here in our home and underfoot gives them the great characteristics of a well socialized pup.

Our puppies go home vet health checked and vaccinated at the age of 8 -10 weeks. Concerning the delivery of our puppies, we do offer a puppy nanny who will fly with them in the passenger area of the plane throughout the entire flight and to your nearest airport. We also offer hand delivery, depending on the situation. Please call us for further options.

We do keep a waiting list, therefore a deposit will be required in order for us to hold and guarantee a puppy for you.