I bought my first pet Bulldog in 2000 and my first show dog in 2003. The first time she was shown, she won 3 days in a row and from there on I became addicted to the sport.

I breed for my own show pups first in order to achieve my personal goals in this breed ! Every planned breeding is done with a lot of thought and each generation an improvement over the last.

I take no short cuts or spare any expense with any of my breedings, as I breed the very best boy to the particular girl in order to produce the most quality litters possible.

All of our Bulldogs live with us in our home not in a kennel and our puppies are raised under foot, which makes them well socialized. As far as conformation and quality of my dogs, you can judge that for yourself.

If you want a beautiful puppy of great quality you are in the right place. If you are looking for a cheap puppy and think they are all the same please go elsewhere.

I am very happy with where my dogs are today. Most important they are very healthy as well as competitive in the show ring and that I am very proud of.

Please feel free to contact me, as I love the opportunity to talk “Bulldogs”.